Mid-Week Wedding – Sam’s Log

A December Wedding! And it’s mid-week in the afternoon. Mild for this
time of year. (Post note – spoke too soon!)

This is not a usual time for people to marry. However in this case it was a spur of the moment decision and we lived up to our reputation as last minute catering maestros.

You see the story is like this. The bride and groom have been together for 18 years and run a successful bar in Spain. They took a decision, perhaps we could say a little suddenly, to marry. In fact they only arrived for their big day a few hours beforehand.

So they decided to borrow a wealthy friend’s house to hold the reception in, invited a few guests and contacted us. They wanted a buffet but also with a slight tongue in cheek twist to it. Ever the ones to fulfil our customer’s wishes we provided just that.

The style was “retro” with a finger buffet entitled “things on sticks”.

To top it off, Kim our Head Chef morphed in to a Barman. And I was an elegant and comely waitress. Happily – everything passed off successfully

By the way,if you would like to see how we go about things then take a peek at our Wedding Catering page

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