Winter Wedding – Sam’s Log

It’s Saturday afternoon and this time a more traditional Winter Wedding. Traditional in all senses including the weather which was cold! But the bride was lovely and this kind of  event certainly cheers everyone up.
(Post – Note: Much more than Eastenders is at this time – if you don’t mind me saying so.)

The event tool place in a beautiful old de-consecrated church called
the Landmark Centre, which is in Teddington. The venue was decorated for the season with lots of Christmas themes and really amazing up-lighting. The whole place was looking just wonderful.

As I said it was a cold afternoon so the incoming guests, all 120, were greeted with a warm glass of mulled wine. It’s Heriot’s own special recipe so I am unable to divulge the secret. After the formalities and general gathering we served the meal. A very traditional solid winter fuel type meal.

To begin: farmhouse vegetable soup made with fresh vegetables.

Next: A steak, mushroom and English ale pie accompanied by creamy mashed potato with chives and garlic and warm winter roasted root vegetables.

For dessert: an individual berry fruit Eton mess.

We then served coffee and petit fours and not a moment too soon. Because the evening guests began to arrive for the next phase of the reception. That is, an additional 160 people started to pour in before the wedding breakfast was complete.

But no bother as we quickly re-organised and started preparations
for the evening meal. As the evening reception got under way we served a meal with a difference. I’m not sure if it’s a first as I’m too young to remember, but we served up hot Bacon Rolls followed by traditional Christmas Mince Pies.

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