Wedding Catering in the snow – Sam’s log

It’s the week before Christmas – and it ‘s perishing cold. And today we had another winter wedding with 150 guests

More to the point, traveling from our HQ in Middlesex to the venue in Wimbledon, Surrey, was accompanied for half the journey by heavy snowfall. But we stayed focused and kept going – because event catering is not for wimps.

But as specialists in catering for “White Weddings” we all appreciated the irony.

So when we arrived plenty of snow lay all around – deep and crisp and even. About 5 inches of the stuff.So our set-up and movement was a little bit more slippery than normal.

What’s more we had a bit of a shock. The wedding reception was being held in the church hall just 50 yards from the church itself. And a special marquee had been erected 50 feet from the hall to provide an extra feature and space. The two were linked together by a covered canvas walkway.

Or I should say they were supposed to be. Our band of caterers was greeted by the sight of several family members shoveling snow.

Building a wedding snowman? Nope. Sadly the walkway had collapsed under the weight of the snowfall and so there were frantic attempts to clear the snow and re-erect it.

As typical “unfazed caterers” we continued to get on with our bits. We set up and laid the tables, with lighting come from candles to create a sense of intimacy. The whole atmosphere shimmered with the snow providing an unexpected Winter Wonderland.

With the ceremony over and some order restored we greeted the guests with fresh canapés and a glass of champagne.

Our Tip:We prepare the canapés just a few minutes before the guests arrive so they deliver maximum taste .

Soon after the Bride and Groom sat down to their Wedding Banquet. While we served up one of our specialties  – Roast Duck – the snow came back with a vengeance. But no one noticed as everyone was having too good a time.

To complete the wedding banquet – a traditional winter warming  dessert of Apple and Rhubarb crumble.

And the verdict from the Bride’s father- the best duck he’d ever tasted. Praise indeed!

At the end we can honestly say, Heriot Catering lived up to its reputation: Specialists in genuine “White” weddings!

Happy Christmas!!!!

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