Sample the catering in real time – Head Chef

Any professional caterer should allow you the chance to taste a sample of their food. If they don’t then you may ask the question: why not? As the food is a big part part of major events such as a weddings, corporate banquets, or annual society dinners, then the organiser should at least get a sense of the quality of caterer.

For most caterers who are professional and proud of their skills  a free tasting is all part of the quality process. Just be aware that a free sample of the food  means a starter, main course and a dessert. This may be the meal you will have or just a sample of anything to understand the catering abilities on offer.

It is normal that if you want to sample more then the caterer will charge you for the privilege, or you pay for it in the price per head. (That is: they’ll be  more expensive.)

For us one of the important issues is: where do you sample the food.

Our advice  is that you should attend an event the caterer is organising close to you.

And this is we work with our new clients  when they come to us for the first time. We want them to taste the food and the experience of our catering process.

The process is simple. You arrive some 30-45 minutes before the event begins. That way you see the final arrangements being made. The table set-up, including special decorations if part of the layout; what they’ve done  to make the venue a little special or how it matches the organiser’s specifications. (And as you can imagine brides do like something extra special for their weddings.)

More so  you get to see the food being being prepared and all the little details
completed. It is important you see the timing because the food should usually be  ready just before the guests arrive. That way it’s fresh and the taste is better. If it sits too long or even worse has been pre-prepared  and transported then the quality will not be as good.

You will be served the meal the guests are to receive before they arrive.

That way you taste the food and experience the event in something close to real time. Because the pressure of catering for large numbers brings out the
real professionalism, organisation and quality of the caterer.

You don’t see that in a closed kitchen environment.

We like you to see us under pressure. Preparing food, sometimes under extreme conditions such as poor kitchen facilities at the venue. Occasionally with no kitchen facilities at all so we improvise.

How else do you know how good the caterer is?

So get them to take the challenge. We’re always happy to do it. In a manner of speaking see real sweat without too many tears!

We Look Forward To Your Comments

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