Keeping Within The Law – Sam’s Log

On the 26th March Heriot was at Stationers Hall. Though we’ve been there before this was our first function as preferred caterers.

The event was a little intimidating. It was a Banquet celebrating the 650th Anniversary of  the Magistracy in England. So we were all on our best behaviour.

No loitering with intent – but quick snappy service.

The Guests of Honour were:
Mr. Michael Bear, Lord Mayor of London,
and the Master of the Rolls, The Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury.

Naturally for a banquet the guests started with a selection of Chefs Canapés.

Then the 200 guests sat down in this historic hall to a menu of:

Butternut Squash and Pomodoro Tomato Soup with Spinach and Marscapone Tortellni,
Roasted Seabass on a Bed of Fennel with new seasons Jersey Potatoes.
And a  Sweet consisting of a Trio of Miniature Desserts

Given the number of people we prepared the meal in the  Heriot production kitchen. Then transported everything to the Hall to complete the process and serve.

The  Canapés were prepared there as the Chef just likes them to be just so .

We also prepared the tables and provided the wine for this event.

To finish off we received a letter from the Chairman of Middlesex Magistrates  who had organised the event.  He thanked us for all the work and praised the food and service.

Which we appreciate as we like to know that we’ve done our best to make such a unique event a success.

We Look Forward To Your Comments

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