It’s Mid Season and August Is Cooler – Tony Arens

The Summer certainly turned a little cooler after a good start. Nonetheless the season has certainly been busy and we have seen a lot of happy couples enjoying their Wedding Day. And it’s not over yet.

One thing you will find around the web is a lot of advice on choosing your caterer. The key tip the experts provide is ways in which you should assess the catering company you are choosing to do your Wedding.

At Heriot we have always provided our advice and help to anyone who wants to use our services. As you might expect a Wedding Event is so special to the couple that we have developed a program to help through the Big Day..

And it is much appreciated by those who use it.

Of course for those planning the Summer wedding or any Summer event the key concern is the weather. And after a very hot start to our season in April/May we can’t say August is the humid hot month of old. In fact, it feels very cold some times when we are setting up.

We suppose it just goes to show that our business is part of climate change with menus that can adapt to any temperature.

We Look Forward To Your Comments

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