Rolling Into Christmas – Tony Arens

Caterers are a bit like big super-markets. We need to get everything ready for the Christmas rush early. And as far as we at Heriot are concerned, we have a lot of other things going on. Winter weddings seem to be getting even more popular.

As part of our preparation we have ordered our birds. Our traditional Christmas meal offer is Norfolk Turkey. We also do pheasant – which as a game bird can be just as popular. And of course we offer alternative dishes and styles as some prefer buffets rather than the “sit down Christmas banquet”.

Our choice of the Norfolk Bronze Turkey is simply that it is one of the best birds you can buy. Corn fed and reared out of doors these birds are full of flavour. Appreciate that this sounds like advertising, but it is true. As any quality catering company will tell you the best tasting food depends so much on the way the meat is produced.

So how the Turkeys are reared is so important to us.

Our reputation has been built on what we prepare. For Turkeys, often thought to be a bit dry, a Norfolk Bronze is naturally succulent which adds to the guests’ experience.

The Turkey of course is only one aspect of the Christmas dinner. The real treat comes after the main dinner. Our very own “home-made” mince pies. Baked freshly for each event. Our belief is – they are irresistible.

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