3 Weddings, 3 Ex- Churches, 1 Day – Sam’s Log

We’re used to doing a lot of weddings on the same day. But we feel that this must be some kind of record:

  • 3 November weddings – on the same day ; and
  • all in venues which are converted churches.

Kind of spooky – what are the odds on that happening.

We’ve done a lot of winter weddings, as we reported already on this blog. But 3 weddings on one winter Saturday. And on Guy Fawkes day?

That aside  Heriot Catering was responsible for making 336  people very happy.

The order was:
St Stephens, Hampstead with 84 guests.

Landmark Centre, Teddington with 152 guests.

St Peters, Ealing with 100 guests.

You can check my maths if you like.

And as the UK was exploding fireworks everywhere we were dishing up some of our all-time favourites. Of course I am referring to our Steak and Mushroom Pie.

As for the venues they are spectacular. And a wonderful setting for the couples to have their Wedding Receptions.

Just to give you some idea here is a shot of the Landmark Arts Centre..

wedding venue landmark arts centre

The Landmark Arts Centre - banquet set up

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