3 Weddings, 3 Ex-Churches, 1 Day, Some More – Sam’s Log

As I reported in my previous blog, Saturday November 5th was a momentous day.  3 Winter Weddings, in old churches on Guy Fawkes day. And as another first Heriot vans were also in the same place on the same day.

However I didn’t have time to reveal a few of the mouth-watering secrets.

The first of the functions was in the Landmark Centre in Teddington.
The party started with  mulled wine, and the first course was Tomato Soup. Just after the soup was served one of the guests asked me if it was homemade.

I replied “Of course, Sir.”

Which was the truth as I went on to explain.

You see I had watched Chef and new apprentice Chef, Joe , slice some 30 Kilos of tomatoes and 6 bunches of basil the previous day.  As a result Joe’s wrists were aching this morning.  But homemade is homemade and it Joe’s pain was a small price to pay.

The main course was Steak and Ale Pie, followed by a dessert of Eton Mess.

This was chosen by the Bride and Groom as they tasted a sample of it a year before their own event.

As Chef writes in the February blog  Heriot Catering  encourages clients to come for an event preview. So you can come to a function half an hour before the guests arrive, take a look at the venue, get some idea’s, and taste our food. More importantly you get to see us at a live event and how we deal (expertly) with the pressure.

The bride and groom did just that.

One of the other functions was held in Hampstead at St Stephen’s Hall.

It was the first time Heriots had worked there so Kim (our head chef)
had a lot to say and report back.

His comments were:
“What an amazing place to work. The surroundings were out of
this world. The outside could be described as faded Victorian
splendour with a great history. While the inside has been
beautiful restored”

(I never realised he was so poetic. And understated, as the restoration cost £4.4m)

He served up a hot Hot Carved Fork Buffet which went down a treat. Not only was it enjoyed by all, but was also noticed by the “powers who be” at the venue. They have subsequently asked us to be on their approved caterers list.

Which adds to our growing list so we should be back there soon.

Official photo is below.

St Stephens Church Events Venue

Former Church of St Stephen in Hampstead

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