Christmas Party December 3 – Sam’s Log

Christmas is getting closer (only 4 weeks)  and Heriot Catering was
out doing what it does best. Making a Christmas party magical.

We are back at one of our annual events. We’re providing our services to a private client who has a substantial penthouse suite in London. As always he is holding a large Christmas party and we are catering for some 250 guests.

Heriot Catering’s motto (or one of them) is: “we always arrive ahead of time”.  In fact we arrive a few hours before the guests to set up. We always make sure that everything is set so the function can run smoothly and efficiently.

The guests were scheduled to arrive for 7:30. They do all arrive at once because the host throws this Christmas Party for students at Cambridge university. So we were all ready and waiting with the buffet and drinks all laid out. But no guests.

Where were they? Running late as the coach driver informed the host. So we made sure that everything stayed just as fresh and warm as needed.

Fortunately everyone arrived  at 8:15  and the party got under

For openers the guests were offered an alcoholic punch. Here we would like to point out that this was the host’s own recipe. So we can’t fully identify all the ingredients. And of course each guest took some – enthusiastically.

Just as enthusiastically each guest tore into our traditional Grand Fork Buffet.
This had a variety of meats including seasonal slices of roast turkey and cinnamon ham,  combined with a selection of pasta and tuna salads, and breads.

With Heriots at the helm they enjoyed a night of succulent food and a bar full of different beverages. What more could they ask for ? (Don’t answer that.)

If you’d like to take a peek at our Grand Fork Buffet then just hit the link for: the Heriot Catering website. And you’ll go straight there.

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