London Caterers Do American Business School – Sam’s Log

We’ve just come to the end of a busy week and the festive season goes on.

One of our end of week Christmas parties was for 225 guests of Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania. Just before you think what a nice trip, a journey to the US, we were actually providing our catering services right here in London.

And this is no newbie school but is the world’s first collegiate business school established in 1881. With 5000 global MBA students, 88000 “alumni” , 11 research faculties, it’s all pretty impressive. But you got to eat to feed the brain.

The party was held in an associate’s penthouse suite overlooking London. It was pretty impressive. Each corner has a different panoramic view of the city so the guests enjoyed a wonderful setting and vista.

They enjoyed just as much our hot fork buffet specially created for the event.

It was a creamy macabeo and thyme reduction over a succulent breast of chicken with wild porcini & shitaki mushrooms.

The night was an all round success.

Of course our work is 100% service oriented which is often why people choose Heriot.

We know our catering is enjoyed because we see the clean plates.  And for this event we performed those extra services which literally “made” the party. For 250 guests we  hired and transported all the tables and coat rails to and from the venue in our own Heriot Catering vehicles.  We then removed them that same evening.

So one moment you have a fitting party venue for 250 people. Once done, you give the owner back their lovely penthouse suite without a trace of the party.

Result – contentment all round.

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