Do We Do Drinks? Yes We Do! – Tony Arens

We are often asked if we will provide the drinks for an event. Our answer is of course. We’ve done it for many years and have customer references which praise the quality of our wines.

We really do have a full list of wines to choose from in our wine cellar.

We do appreciate that there are many places to source the wines for your event. A trip to France or a visit to several websites could suffice.

And if you do decide to bring your own wines to your wedding reception or other catered event we will serve these for you during the main dinner. We have had for several years now a “No Corkage Charge”.

However what we find that is that many clients ask for our wines, because they are good quality, nicely priced, and the sheer convenience of it.

When we are serving wines and champagnes we ensure they are served at the right temperatures. As our clients appreciate, champagne and white wine are so much better when nicely chilled.

At the same time we had a think about how we could make it even easier for our clients. And the conclusion we reached was: discounted packages for main events.

We probably had wedding receptions in mind, given the protocol most brides and grooms prefer to follow. Welcome drinks, wine with the meal, (and some mineral water for the tables), and the final glass for the speeches and toasts.

But where this would apply to any event which is formal or you want a little bit extra.

These new packages can be found under our Wine Cellar on the main website.

Our only word of caution: there’s a lot of alcohol involved, so please ensure your guests are ready and able to drink it all!

We Look Forward To Your Comments

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