A Great Idea For A Wedding Venue – But Was It Wise

In the UK weddings tend to take place in a more traditional setting. The ceremony in the church with the reception, or breakfast, taking place in a solid venue. The venue could be hotel, marquee, converted barn, or local village hall. Perhaps even your own home.

And it’s been our experience and privilege to work with so many fine venues.

However we do find that in the US there are more radical and adventurous ideas about where to stage their wedding. Single venues provide both ceremony and reception area. And the settings can be quite dramatic, especially with some glorious sunshine.

However it has come to our attention that you need to exercise caution when choosing your venue. The place and setting may be wonderful, but the unexpected can occur.

As the little video clip shows below what seems ideal can become a catastrophe. Of course, this does illustrate an unforeseen  problem with the “Best Man”. We know of him for: forgetting the ring, making an embarrassing speech; and organising outrageous stag parties.

Usually, the Best Man avoids creating too much havoc on the day. But, if you hold your ceremony beside a swimming pool, you could be asking for trouble.

Thanks to YouTube.com and its contributors for sharing this “very real” moment.

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