London Caterers – International Readership

We discovered a few days ago that our international reputation was growing.

As London Caterers our activity is restricted to London and the South East of England. But we did share our recipe on “How To Bake A Cake” on this very blog.

And to our surprise we received an email all the way from Australia, asking for a little clarification on one of the quantities. Naturally we helped out, with Jane contacting the enquirer and providing the necessary information.

It’s nice to think that someone is baking their wedding cake using our recipe.
Link. And we hope the cake turns out well and the Bride and Groom  have a wonderful Wedding Day.

Just goes to show how international the web is.

And talking of Wedding Cakes, if you don’t want to go to the trouble of making your own, our own “portfolio of cakes” can be seen on the website. Where you may note that we have provided some “budget friendly” options in a range of new wedding cakes.

We Look Forward To Your Comments

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