Not just a set menu, but you’re choice – Sam’s Log

At Heriot’s we’ve been busy putting together some packages to help our clients. So new menus, wine packages, and some very specific wedding deals are all designed to take the strain off and ease the cost.

Of course we never want to lose sight of the client needs and the fact that some clients want to do their own thing.

This was the case when we did our last Christmas function of 2011 on Sunday December, 18. Naturally with Christmas just one week away the team was high with the festive spirit.

The event was a Christmas “soireé” for close friends and family so about 40 guests.  It was a simple spread of a festive finger buffet of turkey
and cranberry sandwiches and warming minces pies.

At this particular event the client wanted to supply the white wine and sprits. However we were asked to supply the soft drinks and beers. This we did. At the function we served the wine – but did not charge “corkage” for this service.

Heriot’s approach is always to  make every function specfic to your needs and provide an event  where the client can pick and choose.

This way our clients see that they can trust us to make the event they want, and not be tied into something that is set and inflexible.

We can call  that our client-friendly approach. Or, how to have a good time at our events.

We Look Forward To Your Comments

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