Despite Everything Couples Still Want A Big Wedding – Tony Arens

We’ve noticed that we get more short term requests to provide catering for weddings. Now this means that  either couples are deciding to get married later  or decisions are being delayed. And we think the latter because it’s not so easy for some to know if the finances are available. Which is very understandable given the economic problems of the last few years.

Nonetheless what we are finding is that couples still want to have a great day. The requests and appointments show us that the Bride and Groom want to celebrate with as many of their family and friends as they can.

We try to help here as much as possible by looking at the alternatives. And we admit to a little bit of special pricing and value offers to help.

But what we see as caterers, and what it drives home is, that Weddings are important. And the marriage celebration is as important as always. Every generation has a real desire to get their marriage off to a wonderful start. Because each couple wants to have a great marriage and commit to a life long partner.

There may be less weddings year on year. But those who still go through the process want to make it all work and have a wonderful celebration. Our part is to make that happen.

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