2012 and some sombre events – Sam’s Log

Early 2012 has seen us cater for some different and more sombre events.

In January and February we have catered for several funerals. As a tradition the family and friends get together to celebrate the life of the deceased. And so we get a big kick out of helping in this celebration with our catering.

One such event was on February 21st in Hertfordshire when we looked after 60 guests, following the Church Service. Sadly a local lady had lost her daughter, and we were there to help “Celebrate the Life” of their dear Mother and Friend

To do this each guest was greeted with a glass of Champagne. And to give some informality to the event we served a buffet and cocktails. To finish we provided  coffee and tea before the guests departed.

It was especially touching to receive a note of thanks just a few days after the event.We were happy that the food was praised as was our service.

More importantly was that it recognised the Heriot approach, where the client just has to leave everything to us and we take care of it for them.

We Look Forward To Your Comments

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