Wedding Fair At High Elms Manor – Tony Arens

Last Sunday, February 26th, we attended a Wedding Fair. It was held at High Elms Manor, Garston, Hertfordshire, a venue which gained some fame in the UK when it was featured in a reality type show called “Country House Rescue”. It looked at its restoration process which is now, since late 2010, fully complete and is a wonderful setting for a wedding.

So  with spring just around the corner the wedding season is now upon us. Of course the Fair was designed for those weddings which will happen later this year and next. But there are probably a few gaps at High Elms for some late bookings.

At the Wedding Fair we were one of thirty local exhibitors with our specialty catering on show. However the organiser had a bit of shock as the Cake Maker hadn’t shown. So we gallantly filled the gap by fetching some samples of our Wedding Cakes and putting them on display.

For the Fair we made three of our most popular dishes:

  • slow cooked Moroccan Lamb Tagine,
  • Tender Chicken Chasseur
  • Boeuf Bourguignon

We cooked a lot of each so all the brides to be and their fiancés could have a proper taste.

We’re happy to say we had a good day. Because, not only have we had bookings for our catering services, but we also took orders for Wedding Cakes.

If you can, take a look at High Elms, it is quite lovely.

high elms manor hertfordshire

High Elms Manor. A wedding venue frequented by Heriot Catering

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