London Catering Celebrity – Bad For Marriage?

We just heard the news that fellow London caterer, Greg Wallace,  has split from wife number three. Apparently there are irreconcilable differences about career, and wife Heidi has tweeted that “it’s over”, but they are still friends.

There are few lessons to be drawn here. Heidi was a biology teacher. Gregg, when not presenting on television, has a real job running his own catering company and a restaurant. All of these careers are not really family-friendly. We know. Catering in London is a 24 by 7 occupation. So we have a lot of gratitude for someone who helps show the intricacies of quality catering and is a great promoter of home grown produce.

As we at Heriot Catering do grow and cultivate our own fruit and vegetables this part of Gregg’s campaigning is a big boost.

We hope that things right themselves between Gregg and Heidi. And as fellow London caterers we send them our sympathy for their current situation.

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