Food In A Bowl Is Very Fine Dining – Sam’s Log

We just had a letter from a dear client who thanked us for the catering at her special birthday on Sunday 25th March. Should we reveal her age? OK – it was her 60th birthday party.

To celebrate she had invited 40 friends and family to a big birthday bash. This was to be held at her home in Surrey and we were asked to cater for this happy event.

The only problem was that any form of party food tends to be either served while seated. Or finger buffets, which can be tricky to control when there’s a crowd.

In fact our client did call to order a finger buffet as she wanted a simple no fuss option.

But taking all things into consideration  boss Tony suggested that an alternative could be Bowl Food.  It is a great way of eating substantial quantities of hot food while standing in confined spaces. Not to mention that it’s quite cool and trendy, especially with the 18-30 set.

Tony managed to instill the confidence for her to “push the boat out” and try something new.

Did it work? Yes – it was a real success. It was piping hot fresh food served through the event to a house crammed with guests.

As the letter says:

“The food was delicious – I couldn’t fault it. Bowl food is an excellent way of serving at a party.”

And just a few comments on the service.

“The staff were excellent – everyone said how friendly they were and made sure everything ran smoothly without being intrusive.”

We always love a happy ending!

We Look Forward To Your Comments

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