Blue potatoes – or food that you can recognise?

Every time  you see TV catering competitions and programmes the big comment is: cooking which pushes the boundaries. In some cases there are some excellent ideas, especially in using local produce and wild herbs, mushrooms etc. We’re keen on this too as we grow our own fruit and vegetables.

But the idea of pushing the boundaries can be a little concerning.  It’s nothing new as once upon a time, TV chefs such as the late Fanny Craddock pushed the boundaries, way back in the 1960’s. Her dishes consisted of individually  shaped vegetables which were identified as carrots and courgettes (US zuckini).

She also managed to develop blue potatoes. Of course the potatoes were normal spuds, which had been creamed and then given artificial colouring. They looked disgusting , and didn’t really catch on.

One could say the the Heriot catering tradition has generally relied on the Arens family’s belief in the classics. It’s not only that the taste and approach has stood the test of time. The reality is that recipes only remain a constant because people enjoy them.

Standard wholesome produce whether it’s poultry, game, beef, and fish, prepared well, and seasoned with the right spices and herbs are what people want. In an environment where you have family, distinguished guests, and those whom you want to impress, we find the emphasis is on what works and what people enjoy.

As we have talked before, international cuisine and a taste of the local is provided on request. Customising to suit is a skill set our chefs have.

But we tend to work to the following principles.

Experiences are great. As hosts, our clients are focused on satisfaction. So we’ll probably continue to avoid blue potatoes


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