The buffet is king – Sam’s Log

We’ve served a lot buffets at wedding in the last few months. This is our busy wedding season, and Heriot Catering’s buffets are becoming more popular than ever.

Of all the weddings we did in June, 66% were buffet style.

We’ve always had couples who selected buffets because the guests have plenty of variety. Plus we give the option of selection so couples can bring in other dishes to be included in the buffet.

Claude and Jessica included “coq au vin”  in their “hot fork buffet” themed wedding breakfast. A quick click on the link shows that these are not part of the standard options, but it’s no problem to get just what you want.

In fact we may have been a little overly generous. For dessert Claude and Jessica had requested the Truffe Chocolat with Raspberries. In their letter thanking us for all we did, the dessert was picked out as a real highlight. Apparently some guests had managed to get 3rd and 4th helpings!

So for buffets, we work on plenty of choice and plenty of food.

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