Food is an international language – Sam’s Log

We had a little trip down to Henley, just before the start of the Royal Henley Rowing Regatta. This was not a day’s excursion but a job where we literally had to turn on our style.

A “style” magazine was hosting a party for the Russian national rowing team. They had come to Henley to compete in this international regatta as part of their preparations for the London Olympics.

Naturally when you are entertaining a group of very tall athletes, you need to feed them well. So what else could you expect but our Grand Fork Buffet. And in case you’re not familiar with it it comes with salmon, beef, ham, and chicken, which really fulfils most needs. Though the real winner is the Truffe Cocolat, served with Strawberries and Cream. People can’t get enough of it. (Really!)

Anyway 100 guests got stuck in and cleared every morsel. When I humbly suggest food is a central attraction of any social event then I had strong support from the host.

We received a nice mail where he thanked us for “our incredible effort and expertise” in making the event a success.

Conclusion: we now know that our food is the choice of Olympians.

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