We always get there in the end – Sam’s Log

There are bigger issues in event catering than laddering your tights or getting a stain on your white blouse. Occasionally – and no one can remember the last one – we do have “technical issues”.

In this case a long drive and heavy traffic on the way to a wedding on August 11 in  Kent meant that the van took a mood and started to play up. Therefore our normal early arrival was delayed. Of course this causes us much frustration as we like everything to be in perfect shape. But we do give ourselves plenty of time to make sure any delay doesn’t upset our prep time.

We would have to admit that this time we were really pushed. But, we have that little something where everything gets done even faster when we’re up against it. Experience, “know how”, and just being quick means that if you blink you’ll miss us.

As reported by the groom they only were aware of problems afterwards. They were “oblivious” to anything on the day. The point is our standards and quality were not affected.

Everything was ready for the arrival of the guests, with tables set and food and Heriot wines all prepared.

The overall verdict was that that the cooking and service was amazing. And after the undue stress we were all very happy with that sense of: “all’s well that ends well”.

We Look Forward To Your Comments

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