Seamless in Middlesex – Sam’s Log

At Heriot’s we like to make sure that we can help out as much as possible. So we have pretty solid relationships with other suppliers who provide those essentials for a successful wedding day. These suppliers range from wedding dress makers, to photographers,car hire and travel agents. They (usually) provide a discount to Heriot clients.

For an August wedding in Enfield, Middlesex, the bride and groom chose one of our favoured suppliers to provide a marquee for their wedding. It was clear
from the testimonial from the groom’s parents that they thought it was the right choice.

As for us, the Heriot team, we set up our operations in the kitchen. Chef Kim set up his domain while yours truly focused on providing services to the 70 guests. Any anxieties the parents had on how it was going to all work out were quickly settled when they saw us in action. It prompted a comment about “how seamlessly it was all done”.

As always we took our approach of quiet friendly service. There when needed. In the background when not.

When the meal was over we collected all the empty plates. It is always easier when the guests have polished off everything on their plates. It’s an independent verification that the meal was appreciated. There is always a look of quiet satisfaction on Chef Kim’s face when he sees that. It’s like: “Chef pride”.

Overall everyone was happy. Which is how it should be.

And as the father of the groom said, it was our attention to every little detail which meant that they could all relax and just enjoy the event.

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