Wedding harmony out of chaos – Sam’s Log

It’s August 25th and we’ve arrived at the home of the bride in Hertfordshire. Quite local, really.

In front of us is the catering tent and the main marquee. With only 4 hours to go before we serve 150 people, nothing is ready. To quote the father of the bride: “the catering tent was a shambles and the marquee was 15 unmade tables”. Elsewhere the bride, bridesmaids, and family were going through the final stress associated with “getting ready”.

Enter Chef Kim. As a veteran of many weddings and events this was a familiar battlefield. He quietly assured everyone that  4 hours was plenty of time for him and the team to get everything organised.

It really comes down to our core message: we do this for a living and so we know exactly what has to be done. Getting the marquee in shape while preparing the food is just all part of Heriot’s professional service.

So after the ceremony the guests found everything in “impeccable” shape
and the real event started. First the canapés and champagne followed by a formal wedding breakfast with plenty of wine.

For the record our canapés were once again praised. We’ve mentioned this before but we (I) never get tired of repeating: we make them fresh at point of service so their taste is just right. Pre-cooked, or bought in just don’t have the same quality. And our guests do notice the difference.

As for the wedding breakfast this had its own distinctive elements, with: a starter of seafood tartlet, followed by champagne chicken in a cream  sauce and selection of fresh vegetables.

The meal was followed by our own made wedding cake, which disappeared just as quickly as the meal. It was clearly a very hungry crowd.

After all this we cleared the equipment away and then laid out a rustic “supper” for the evening. With 30 more guests arriving they would need a little refreshment.  However the main body of guests had also worked up another appetite just 4 hours after between main banquet and supper.

The now 180 guests attacked the breads, cheeses and fruits cleaning up the lot in a very short space of time.

Our final act was to leave everything tidy and clean. But more importantly to leave a happy memory of a great wedding feast.

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