Themed Events – Sam’s Log

In this blog we’ve mentioned a few of the themes we’ve done. We’ve been involved in 1920’s themed weddings, Bond style birthday parties and many more.

This August we catered for a wedding where the theme of the wedding was “black and white”. You’ve probably heard of a black and white ball but it’s not so usual for a wedding. But it was all there. The Groom wore a black and white morning suit. So did the ushers.

The Bride did wear traditional white. The bridesmaids were also in theme wore  Black and White dresses.

The marquee did its bit. The chairs had black covers with white bows. While the dance floor was black and white squares. Could have been quite confusing in the dark.  We at Heriot dress the tables with crisp white linen tablecloths and linen napkins

It so happens that Heriot waitresses wear white shirt, black trousers, black waistcoat with black bow tie and a long white apron. So we blended in beautifully.

Of course the guests thought we had dressed up specially as part of the theme. But we didn’t tell them any different.

Guess “black and white thinking” can sometimes be a positive.


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