Weddings are still happening, Summer view – Sam’s Log

Looking back on the summer months it would seem that reports on weddings going out of fashion are not true. We’ve had a very busy time. In August the Olympics did not kill off weddings. It may have even inspired them!

We typically catered for and served 3 weddings on the same day. Many of the weddings had the full works. The Bride and Groom clearly were not going to let their special day go unnoticed. With venues or marquees to hold the event in. Then Heriot catering to come and provide the breakfast and the supper. So it’s a full on event.

Of course we served a full array of our cuisine, and specific styles of catering. In fact I think we did the whole lot. Finger buffets for simpler events. Full fork buffets, both hot and cold. Barbecues for the very outdoor types. (Well it was Summer.) And then our 3 to 5 course banquets plus evening suppers for the whole day events.

As always we also provided for  “pick up” buffets. Some of the couples were having a more intimate affair. So they could come and collect the items we had cooked and prepared for them. In some cases we delivered their Heriot catered menu to them. And for some we just could not be there because we were fully stretched. But they were still keen on our catering.

Whichever way we’re happy to report that the result was the same. A happy wedding which for many had been  long time in the planning.


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