The New Heriot Roast Pork Bap. Popular. – Sam’s Log

We introduced a new standard to our long list of options. It is the Roast Pork Bap.

We had been asked a lot about Hog Roasts. This is something that we have done in the past , but stopped. They may seem like a good idea, but not all guests at an event wanted to see a young pig being roasted on a spit.

However pork is a nice dish when roasted and popular. Because so many people asked for it we came up with an alternative.We prepare,  roast and serve it. Just not in public.

The end result is the same. After a whole day watching a spit roast the servings are normally done in a bap. We prepare the roast and serve it in a bap with an accompaniment of coleslaw, tomato salad and potato salad. The difference? Not so many upset children.

Because pork is a big piece of meat which takes time to cook and prepare well, we have served it in this form only as a supper option for all day events. These are usually weddings where the event extends into the evening. Then the main party and additional guests need a little extra energy to dance and party into the night.

As one option for a big event (that’s 100 people plus for us) it joins other favourites of:

  • mini- sausages and mash (with onion gravy)
  • bacon rolls
  • mini fish and chips
  • rustic buffet

And several others. Just ask about these and we’ll fill you in with more info!


We Look Forward To Your Comments

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