Harvest time with a rustic buffet – Sam’s Log

We brought in last year a lovely “take” on the rustic buffet. It’s mainly  a selection of cheeses, breads, and apples. (We’ve mentioned it before!)

Anyway, it’s turned out to be a popular part of our wedding day catering. Couples who want to have a full day event have taken to it very quickly. We’ve provided it many times as evening buffets. Its popularity with the guests has been huge. Despite  being plenty there, its presence seems to give people an extra appetite. So it disappears very quickly.

Given the time of year, we ‘re just reminding you that it could be a nice way to celebrate an event. Especially if you would like an alternative to the traditional lite evening supper buffet. Or even if you want to provide a little food to round of an event or gathering.

We do serve this exclusively for 100 people events. And it is served as the evening supper after a full Heriot banquet or buffet menu.

This is why it is especially popular at weddings. And so appropriate for the time of year!


lght evening buffet for catered events

Heriot Rustic Buffet


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