Planning your wedding. It’s all in the detail – Sam’s Log

To create the successful wedding takes up lots of your time and lots of careful preparation. We speak to couples months, and sometimes years before the day.
Your wedding day is not something you’re going to leave to chance. Just hoping that it all goes right isn’t in any Bride’s mind.

As we have catered for  so many weddings, we do see the panic and distress that can occur. This does happen when the day itself arrives and the whole event suddenly is real and begins to overwhelm everyone.

Not surprisingly the majority of couples are first timers. And suddenly when the event looms, there are so many things to do not least the hairdresser, and getting the make-up right. And all those worries that just fill your head. Will the cars get there on time?  (Please don’t break-down limo!)

Just to ease some of the stress and anxiety we have a wedding day event planner which our clients are welcome to use. This identifies the schedule for the wedding reception itself. Surprisingly – or maybe not – everyone who uses it finds it extremely useful. Because often it’s the part which no one actually thought about. And a lot more happens during the event itself than people imagine.

Of course we’re on hand to provide the support, help and organisation you may need on the day. However well made your plans may be, the day itself will hit you and then there’s so much to do. So we’re big on being there and just getting the tables set, helping with the decorations, and generally being reliable and solid.

For us it’s a professional ability coming from a 170 year tradition. For our Brides and Grooms it’ a one day experience in a lifetime.

p.s. Do get in touch if you need to.

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