It’s all in one. The Heriot Wedding Package – Sam’s Log

It’s now all in one. We’ve offered it to couples directly. They accepted. So now it’s all tried and happily received it’s on the site. The Heriot Wedding Package. A fully catered wedding for a great price.

Blatant advertising? Yes. Any pressure on you? Nope. It’s the planning season. So we help the planning with a little bit of “B&G” consumer info.

Unless of course you really need us now, and we are every bit as ready to help you out.

The wedding package is designed for a full day event. And it goes like this.

Guests arrive at the reception venue and are thirsty and hungry. So we provide them with some drinks and freshly made canapés.

Then comes the main event. A 3 course meal with wine and water.

No wedding is complete without a toast, and that needs another drink. Which is what each guest receives.

After, is the cutting of the cake. And we make the cake and bring it along.

As the day turns into the evening the guests may be getting a little hungry. Fortunately this package delivers an evening buffet. A lightish snack which ensures no guest starves as a result of all the energy spent on the dance floor.

The big part of this package is you still have a choice. The meal is one of our many menu options and you won’t be stuck for your choice. The evening buffet has a number of really tasty choices. (Such as mini fish and chips – which is a real treat.)

And with Heriot flexibility in mind there are plenty of options to organise everything just as you like it.

Why not take a quick look at our wedding packages right here!

In the meantime, it’s back to preparing for the next event.


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