11 Things To Consider When Planning Your Wedding Day


Wedding Dress For Happy Couple in Love

Any occasion requires a budget so that you don’t overspend without realising or worse, be too cautious with every aspect of the wedding then regretting that you could have splashed out a bit more on a certain part to make it that extra bit special. Read the following tips when organising your wedding and see how much you can afford for each item. That way you will have a clearer budget breakdown and know where to spend wisely. A successful wedding doesn’t require you to have a large budget. Many fun and memorable weddings are those that are planned precisely, catering for the guests and wedding couple alike.


Along with the budget, you must look at where you would like to hold your wedding ceremony. This will take up a large amount of your budget so look at churches, halls, outdoor marquees or anywhere else that will accommodate your guests comfortably. Some venues require a deposit when booking as they are booked a year in advance so getting this sorted as soon as possible will allow you to then move on to the other points mentioned below. After you have arranged the venue, you will have a good vision when decorating and theming. You also get a better sense of the space within the venue and can think of where you will arrange the guests seating or hold the wedding ceremony. Look at the windows and doors and see whether you will require further heating or more light. The venue is your blank canvas to work from and should always be sorted before moving on to other intricate aspects of the wedding.


One of the primary services that you will want to spend time sourcing is the wedding caterer. It will be of no benefit leaving this for the last minute as your favourite caterer will probably be fully booked especially during the peak season. Choosing the menu and various catering arrangements take a lot of your time, so be aware of how you prioritise your list of arrangements. Whether you’re having a 5 course sit down meal, a wedding BBQ service or a hot buffet with various wines and accompaniments, speak to your caterer in detail, and even consider an early visit to a venue that they are setting up, to see the layout and try a little taster for peace of mind.


Firstly, the type of venue you choose will play a big part in creating the feel you would like for your wedding. For example, romantic, fun, serious, bright or traditional being some of the styles. You can then apply that mood to everything you purchase or hire in decorating the space. You will also have an idea of the colours, theme and even the style of wedding dress or bridesmaid’s dresses you could have. This can also filter down to the kind of catering you would like.

Time of year to have the wedding

If you are planning for a summer wedding then you have a better chance of holding an outdoor wedding with the sun shining over an open space for your special day. The weather is something everyone in this country has to think about before jumping into planning anything! Even if you know that you are safe because everything is indoors and the weather will not get in the way, still keep towels and umbrellas on standby just in case you need to use them. If it’s raining outside, guests will walk in with wet and muddy shoes which will create slippery and wet floors that can dirty long dresses and shoes. The venue and event organiser should be able to cater for this.

Your wedding dress

Satin Sexy V-neck Halter A line Pick up Skirt ...

Wedding dresses are all beautiful in some way or another otherwise they wouldn’t be sold as a wedding dress. However, everyone’s body shapes are different and what you

see in a bridal magazine will not necessarily mean the dress will look the same in reality. The best way of finding out which style of dresses flatter your figure is to try on some party dresses to see which parts of your body you are happy to accentuate and which areas you want to hide. This way when you go to a bridal wedding dress shop, you have a clearer idea of what styles of dresses you wish to try on instead of being overwhelmed with so many varied styles and designs. This saves time, heartache and allows you to spend more time in selecting the right dress as you know what will look good on you.


Along with a wedding dress you need shoes. Believe me, some people have not considered this as an important task and feel the dress is what needs more attention. This is not the case. Shoes as we all know can be comfortable or uncomfortable. What looks great may actually end up being a pain in the feet, literally! You wouldn’t want this on your most special day. Having uncomfortable shoes will ruin your day completely as your focus will always remain on the burning sensation from your feet leaving you in no mood to smile. Try out various shapes and height of heels to see what feels good and also looks great to give you that extra ‘va va voom’. Make sure that you break the shoes in so as not to be too tight or cause blisters. The last thing you want to do is keep it in a box too scared to dirty them and then realise you should have placed insoles or heel cushions! At least, walk around the house in them and if you don’t want anyone to see the shoes then tell them what you’re doing so they allow you some privacy.


Put your list of guests together by counting each member in a family. That way you will have the exact numbers and know who to place where when setting the name cards on the tables. Look at ways in which to encourage socialising especially, since the two families may be meeting for the first time. Activities to do can be instructed on the tables or behind the name cards. Or you could write a fact on each guest’s card and ask them to share it with the others to encourage conversations.

Gift List

Those that are invited to an occasion always find it hard to get the right gift. Keeping a wedding gift list with exactly what you want from a particular retail outlet will not only make it easier for your guests, but also for you and your partner to know that whatever is gifted will be something that will have real value and benefit.

Your wellbeing

We all want to look our best at all times, but for a woman it is paramount on her wedding day. Some go through drastic weight loss diets to get into the perfect shape all targeted for that one day. However, remember that your partner proposed to you the way you are and by making unrealistic goals will only make you look and feel depressed on your big day. The last thing you want to do is to create more stress along with planning for your wedding. Take a deep breath, get some good sleep each day as much as possible, drink plenty of fluids (that doesn’t mean alcohol) and eat sensibly. The way you feel in the inside will reflect on the outside.

Thanks you cards

Your wedding day is behind you and now you’re on your honeymoon and soon everything will get back to ‘normal’, but this time as a married couple. Don’t forget the people who made your big day special. It is always nice to be appreciated and there is no better way than to show some acknowledgement of their contribution. Sending a small thank you card can be all it takes to express your gratitude

The most important emotion on your wedding day is happiness and so it should be. This is a one time special event and it must be treated as such. Plan your wedding in advance and in detail, and you will enjoy your day even more so knowing it has gone according to your plans. Remember, the top 3 things that makes every wedding extra special is a great venue, fantastic catering and superb friends and family!

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