10 Types of Popular Business Events

If you are organising a business event for your company or on behalf of a company, then here are 10 types of business events to please your customers, colleagues and suppliers. Business events also spotlight your company as a sponsor and raise fantastic brand awareness.

Business Dinners

Business Dinners can be a great way of celebrating milestones or just to give your employees a break from work and to socialise with others in the company. This way the relations can be built for a stronger team of people working in your company.

Network Events

Networking is one of the best ways of marketing your business. Get your clients, employees and others within your field to meet in one place to relax and talk business or otherwise. The idea is to get a work relationship started and getting yourself and the business out there.

Product Launch Parties

This is a good reason to have an event. You have just released a new product in the market and what better way to celebrate and get the buzz created around the product. Once again, a fantastic marketing strategy for customers to try out a product’s usability.

Holiday Parties

Mostly, people hold Christmas parties and this is a great way of employers showing the appreciation for all the hard work their staff have endured during the year.

Types of business and corporate event catering

Employee Appreciation Parties

Events such as award ceremonies are a great way of boosting your staff moral and for them to know that you appreciate their contribution to your company. Showing appreciation for helping your business prosper can go a long way and is not hard to arrange.

Client Appreciation Parties 

The same objective as above but instead of the people working for you, it’s holding an event to show your appreciation to your customers and client for being loyal to you. Your suppliers and others who have helped in some way towards your business can also be included here.


Seminars are educational events that encourages staff and clients to broaden their knowledge and horizon towards your business. It gives people the opportunity to learn things specifically around your business and gives them a chance to grow and progress their relationship with your company.

Trade Shows 

Trade Shows are an essential way of positioning products in the industry and to create a brand image. This in turn leads to opening doors and generating new leads.

Charity Functions 

A good way of getting everyone involved and be part of the bigger community is to help out others less fortunate. This is also a great opportunity to network and give something back to the community. It also puts your business and product in a good light with the media.

Types of corporate events and corporate charity events

Happy Hours 

Once a week, your business could arrange an after work drinks party which is usually held on a Friday. This allows staff to blow off some steam and relax after a hectic week. Although this is a social event, it could also be regarded as an informal meeting to chat about concerns in the business or just how the productive the week has been. This in return gives the employers a good insight into how their business runs and how the staff feel about working for them. Staff are more relaxed and ready to give feedback from their point of view which the employer may never get to experience in their position, and so, this would encourage better communication and relationship within the company which can only lead to a flawless run of operations.

Remember, one of the most important parts of any business event is the precision organising of the event, and the catering of the food and beverages. If you cater for the event in the best possible way, not only will the attendees enjoy the event, but it will also leave a lasting impression of your business and your brand!

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