The British influence on French Weddings – William & Catherine’s Wedding

The British royal family on Buckingham Palace ...

The Royal Wedding of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Catherine was seen by the whole world and since, their wedding has been a stage setter for weddings in many cultures.

One such place that has taken the storm is France. French weddings are very traditional and serious occasions that are similar in style to the next wedding. They also don’t traditionally have bridesmaids and their menus are different too to that of the British.

Now, all that has changed as more young couples in France are looking towards Britain and America in terms of how to cater for a more spectacular ceremony.

Although France is known for its cuisine and fashion, they are still wanting to raise the bar higher in staging weddings in par with that fit for a King and Queen.

Croquembouch wedding cake


One major aspect that they have been influenced by is the British menu. Their traditional delicious dessert known as Croquembouche is being replaced by the numerous tiered wedding cakes of pink and white icing and decorations. The look and taste of our modern wedding cakes seem to tickle their palate more than their more traditional Choux pastry profiteroles. These profiteroles known as Croquembouche, are filled with fresh cream in the middle and are covered in melted chocolate. When presented they are bound together with threads of caramel and stacked high to form a cone shape.

Saying that, it is also now getting very popular for the croquembouche to be served as the dessert along with English Summer Berry Fruits at important Wedding receptions catered by Heriot Catering.

British tiered wedding cake shops in France have experienced a big increase in sales since the Royal

Tiered wedding cakes London

Wedding. They say that although the French don’t  know exactly what goes into a wedding cake, they are pulled in by the look of these cakes.

Couples looking at bridal magazines in France have also seen an increase of British and American styled weddings which
emphasise on the more personal, fun and quirky themes. They want to take on that creativity and feel more in control of organising a wedding of their dreams. Brides are also wanting their friends to join in as being bridesmaids and taken to the excitement of choosing the colour and styles to the dresses. For their bridal dresses, they are looking towards Kate’s wedding dress and opted for British lace instead of the French silk.

How long this trend will go on no-one really knows. Although the craze for the British way is prominent, many are still opting for their more traditional French weddings. Tradition will always remain and the British caterers and event organisers based in France will continue to be inspired by French culture and the Parisian spirit of romance.

If you want to take a bit of the French culture into the menu for your wedding, then Heriot Caterers in Harrow, Middlesex are well known for their French Croquembouche replacement wedding cakes.

Win a wedding cake offer


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    • Thank you Tony. Absolutely, sampling the fantastic food a caterer offers increases the likelihood of people using your services. The fact is, you can show off your best assets by satisfying their palates and by offering great add-ons and alternatives to what they may think is the menu they want.

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