How to Organise a Banquet

How to organise a banquet

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What does a banquet mean and how do you organise a banquet? Banquet is a meal that is shared between any number of invited guests, ranging from 20-1000 at a location at a specific time. The number of dishes varies with a selection of entree or starter, a balanced main meal followed by a selection of desserts and beverages are the norm. Some banquets can have more courses than three.

Usually banquets are held for an occasion or purpose from charity fund raising dinners to private celebration parties and Wedding receptions to the more business relation building gatherings. Due to the purpose of the banquet, there can be speeches accompanying the meal with banquets being held in the day as well as the evening.

In order to hold a banqueting party, a price is set for hiring the banqueting hall and the catering company to provide the food and service. Most catering companies provide a choice of food from vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. Depending on the catering company hired, some can cater for a variety of cultural foods to best suit your guests. Within the price, they will also include beverages, unless the host wishes to keep a paid bar at the venue.

The services that a catering company can provide will be a buffet style setting or a table service where each course is brought to the table and cleared away according to a schedule.

A banqueting manager or planner will see to the smooth running of operations from the storage of food to preparation, and the final clearing of the tables. Event organisers also deal with the intricate details of notifying the catering company on guests dietary specifications, whether it be an allergy to a certain food, or work with the venue staff on things like having ramps put in place if there are special needs guests who require a wheelchair to be manoeuvred without obstruction.

For a large banqueting party, a single host or even a group of hosts can’t look after all the guests, as well as chat with them, or answer questions and usher them to the right tables,  make sure that the guests are comfortable and in turn can come to him for any information they require.

Holding a banquet requires a lot of preparation including having various elements in their right place at the right time. If you hire a third party banquet organiser to take on that burden, remember, that the right catering company is of the utmost importance as they will provide a delicious meal and a good service to get the party started. With numerous companies providing wonderful menus make sure that you have a company where you can get the best bespoke service for your particular needs.

How to organise a banquet hallAt Heriot Catering, we boast a large selection of banqueting menus to suit each palate along with a friendly, stress free service for our clients. An entire meal can be catered for from main courses of chicken, lamb, beef, seafood, game and vegetarian.

Our vegetarian main courses are greater in number than most other catering companies. Vegetarian food can be limited but at Heriot Catering, we pride in our fresh produce and delicious meals, so our vegetarian customers will not feel left out.

Our banquet menus include a starter and dessert along with bread baskets, coffee, tea and our Heriot’s special chocolate mint crisps. We will provide you and your guests with a professional service and a meal that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

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