How to create a romantic atmosphere for proposing on Valentine’s Day

Proposing on Valentine's Day

Proposing on Valentine’s Day can be a romantic and loving gesture especially, accompanied by great food. However, at a restaurant, apart from the company and lovely meal, you are in a setting shared with other couples taking away a certain aspect of privacy and relaxation.

Instead of going out, why not stay at home and prepare a meal with ingredients to really get your pulse pumping and in the mood for love. Then, your proposal can be tailored to exactly your taste, from food and atmosphere to when you find the right time to pop that all important question, it’s all in your control.

There are many foods that contain amazing properties, so if you are entertaining a loved one this Valentines, use some of these spices in your meal as not only does it make a tastier and exciting dish, but is also extremely beneficial to your general good health.

Mixed spices to spice up your food for Valentine's DayHot Chillis
Gingko Biloba

Preparing a meal for a loved one on Valentine’s Day should not be too much of a task. If you don’t want to be stressing out in the kitchen every 5 mins while your date sits alone then make sure that all the preparations for the entire meal is done long before your date arrives. This will give you the free time to enjoy a glass of wine and create a setting that is both romantic and stress free. So that all you need to do is heat up the food or have it cook in the oven without requiring supervision.

Using a slow cook pot is ideal and can make any meats come out tender. Add a few vegetables or lentils and have a one pot meal. Desserts can also be prepared in two dessert glasses and left in the fridge to chill until you’ve completed the main course. Sometimes, there are starters or certain accompaniment foods that require cooking on a stove, so as long as you have prepared everything, all you will need is a few minutes to prepare the dish and place it on a plate creatively.

Your date will be thrilled by your entertainment skills and will enjoy the evening as you will have the time to give them your full attention, creating that special atmosphere for the two of you. Place some tea candles and scents around the living room area where you will be spending most of the evening or have low lighting which really gets you in the mood for a romantic and affectionate time.

Since you are planning to propose, remember that although you may be nervous to find the right moment to pop that all important question, your partner has no idea. Your date will be enjoying their evening and feeling naturally relaxed from the good wine and spending time with you. So doing all your preparations and clearing away dishes during the day, will keep the place looking clean and fresh. Along with the kitchen, make sure that other rooms in your house are clean and tidy too in case, you end up taking the party into the other rooms! The last thing you want is to be reminded of any daily household chores left uncompleted.

Good luck, and if the answer to your proposal is a big fat “Yes!” then you will need a lot more planning to do from now on. The wedding menu, reception menu, family gathering menu and so forth. In other words, there will be a lot more dinner parties to attend! But relax for now and pop the champagne. The weight can be lifted off your shoulders by knowing that Heriot Catering Company can take care of all your wedding catering needs.

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