What Everybody Ought to Know About Desserts

Desserts ideas for events

“Wow!”, that’s the first thing we say when we look at a well presented dessert on a plate. Yes, it’s the colours, the intricacies and most importantly, that expectation of the sweet, gorgeous taste. After a lovely meal, dessert seems to be the icing on a cake literally for anyone at any age.

Some say that they do not have a sweet tooth or prefer salty foods to sweet ones that do not mean that all desserts have to be sweet in nature. Desserts come in all shapes and sizes, sweet or sour, warm or cold and more than often there is always one that will please any individual’s taste buds.

When it comes to catering a meal, there is usually a minimum of 3 courses. The starter, main and then the dessert followed by a cheese board, coffee, tea, spirits or liqueurs. Dessert is one meal that is fun to present and indulge in. It’s there to round off the meal nicely. If you are serving a light main course rather than a heavier one, a richer dessert such as a cake would be ideal. However, if the main meal was a roast with all the trimmings then a lighter dessert such as a mousse would go down well with your guests. The aim is to balance the meal well, so that the guests have not overindulged or worse still hungry.

Some of us try and avoid desserts altogether if we are thinking of the high amount of calories they contain. If you spell desserts backwards you get the word “stressed” which is ironic because it’s the unlikely mood you will feel if you do indulge in a small amount. There are many sweets that don’t have a high quantity of sugar in it such as fruit based dishes. A good variety of desserts after a meal can make the entire occasion a success and leaving your guests and you on a satisfied note. It’s known as the happy food!

There’s always a dessert to suit any particular diet. If you know you are going to indulge in the last course then you may go lighter on the main meal and remember, it may not be everyday that you have a selection to spoil your diet. You can look at it as a mini celebration for all the hard work you have put in to eating healthy over the last few weeks, and along with the socialising and company, it could be all you need as a stress reliever.

Desserts also make an occasion more memorable. Guests usually remember a good dessert over the entire meal. A good presentation can make any guests’ ‘mouth water’ and so, indulging in a tiny slice of cake may leave you feeling a lot happier and fully satisfied!!

Here at Heriot Caterers we have a wide and delicious range of desserts waiting to be experienced by our clients. We cater for whatever your diet or mood may be on that day, from fresh fruit based puddings to our more richer Double Chocolate Gateaux, or if you really want to push the boat out, you could go for a ”Trio of Miniature Desserts” and indulge in all your favourites!

Tell us about your favourite dessert. What is the most fantastic dessert experience you have had? Drop us your comments below.

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7 thoughts on “What Everybody Ought to Know About Desserts

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  5. Very interesting read. Desserts have never been my strongest side in terms of cooking, but then again I might do some experimenting soon!

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