The Secret of Catering for Outdoor Events

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When you think of holding an event outdoors, you usually think it can only be successful in the summer months. A lot of times you imagine that outdoor events will be unsuccessful due to the weather during the colder months.

As weather plays a huge part in arranging an event to be held outdoors, it’s no wonder that most of us prefer the hotter summer months to be more accommodating outdoors. However, do not discard hosting an outdoor event altogether during the months of Spring as there are many ways around this as well as having the right menu that suits the occasion and mood.


Most outdoor events are held in a marquee as it provides shelter from any unwelcome rain or wind. The marquees that are available to hire these days have side covers and are very water and wind resistant. They are durable and held upright as semi-permanent structures accompanied with light fittings and heating. So its almost a make shift room effect.

Marquees give a certain feel to an event, whether it be a sit down meal or a buffet, and you can cater for any amount of people depending on the size of the marquee. Unlike if you were to hire a hall which could be too big or worse, too small and leave your guests with hardly any room to manoeuvre.

Some style of food that can go down well with your guests during an outdoor event is a buffet of finger foods or canapes. There will be less to clear up after and it gives your guests an opportunity to socialise and have one hand free to hold a drink. Many weddings and private celebrations can be held outdoors too, even if you are planning for a more formal event.

An entire marquee can be decorated to give the impression of sitting in a large indoor room. Tables and chairs can be brought in by the catering company and all the equipment required to host a perfect hot meal. Also the temperature within the marquee can be adjusted if too cold, by closing off any entrance passages and having adequate heating, which will also be catered for by the event organiser.

To take away most of the stress in having a successful event, Heriot Caterers will make your event one to remember.

We offer a range of menus whether it be a barbecue, canape style cocktail party or a hot meal buffet.

Catering is the one thing that brings people together along with entertainment during an event. Here at Heriot Catering, we have a range of fresh food and menus that attracts clients of every palate. Our range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are a plenty and we also cater for the more restricted dieters too. For example, allergies and non-tolerance foods.

We can cater for a bespoke event, weddings, funerals, corporate dinners or luncheons and basically any celebration or business event. The only thing you would need to arrange is whether you would like it to be an outdoor event or an indoor one held at a venue.


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