Tips on catering for a wedding reception or a special event on a budget

Catering for a weddingHolding a wedding reception or any special event results in parting with a large amount of money. Certain aspects are inevitable such as food and drinks and this contributes to a large portion of the budget of any event. Having a party or gathering in order to have the time of your life should not have to cost you an ‘arm and a leg’. The last thing you want to put yourself into is a debt that lasts a lifetime! For example, catering for a wedding need not put you in debt.

Below are some tips on creating a classy event without the financial strain.

1. Find out exactly how many guests will be attending. Organisation on your part is very important so as not to be allocating too much in terms of catering. Have an RSVP on invitations so that the guests can get back to you on how many will attend from each invite.  This way you will be in a better position to inform the caterers of how much food to prepare. A good caterer will always make slightly more food on the day so they don’t run out but you would be charged according to the number of guests they were informed of.

2. This brings us to the most important part of budgeting – choosing the right catering company for your needs. Spend time in sourcing caterers that will respect your budget as well as be able to accommodate your wishes and requests. Ask as many questions as need be so that you are completely satisfied and fully informed of what they can provide and what experience your guests will have. At the end of the day, you have to put yourself into your guests’ shoes and see whether they are getting a service that you intended without making it look like you’re doing the event on the cheap.

3. Look at other ways together with the catering company on how to serve food and drinks. It would be cheaper to have a buffet style meal than a sit down serve at the table meal because you will require less waiting staff. You could also think of having a table for canapes instead of them having to be passed around by the catering staff. This would cut your costs or allow you to allocate that money towards the menu. You can always alter the style when catering for a wedding.

4. This leads to the next point of choosing the menu. A vegetarian option is always cheaper than meat and if you have seafood or certain cuts of meat then your price will go up. If you wish to still select one of the meat dishes then have them as a starter rather than the main meal. This way you would cut costs as starters are less in portion than a main course. Also use other quality foods such as a variety of delicious breads and baked rolls as accompaniments to meals as this is guaranteed to fill up your guests’ appetites too.

Event catering tips: Canapes, Bowl food, Sharing platters

5. Instead of budgeting for a meal with a multiple of courses that include salads and soups, think of creating a delicious meal with only 3 courses. If the food is divine than your guests will be more than happy and satisfied with lesser courses.

6. Canapes is a great way to get people to mingle and socialise. But having too many different selections of canapes may not be necessary. Look into what the catering company has on offer and what you can create to satisfy every guest’s palate without going overboard. You don’t require too many selections that have similar ingredients when one or two of that food type could be sufficient.

7. There are many other ways of creating a menu that does not confine you to a table and chairs as this can take up a lot of space requiring a larger hall. Also dinner and lunch meals are more costly so why not try having a mid afternoon or early evening event that would not require a main meal. Other options could be a cocktail party, dessert reception, brunch or an early evening canapes party. Barbeques and outdoor events are a good way to decrease costs too, and if weather is an issue, than look into hiring a marquee if that would be less of a cost than the venue you have in mind. In other words, catering for a wedding could be just as good indoors as it would be outdoors.

Above all the main reason for holding any event whether large of small is so that your guests can have a great time and you have a reason to celebrate with friends and family. The atmosphere of joy and happiness will come naturally, but just giving that extra attention to the catering will make that event a memorable one for years to come. Usually, people remember the food more than anything else, and if you get the right catering company to fulfill your wishes and some practical planning on your part then you can have a successful event within a reasonable budget. This is true whether catering for a wedding, business event or private party.

Heriot Catering are experts in planning and executing some of the most memorable events, and especially when it comes to creating the most fabulous food. Their beverage selection includes wines from all over the world and their cellar is always stocked. If you’re planning an event in London or the surrounding counties then Heriot Catering can help you.

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