Event Catering: Food in all its Visual Glory

Event catering - International food

Holding and organising any event can be a stressful process. By the time you have all the necessary requirements in place, making your event stand out from any other that your guests have attended is the utmost task in making the event a success.

So, how do you go about creating that wow factor? Luckily there are many avenues you can go down from hiring entertainment to having the venue in a beautiful surrounding. However, more often a guest will comment on the catering and food at an event first than any other aspect, and so, it is in these satisfied guests that lies the focus of success.

People are now weary of attending the same type of event whereby it’s either a sit down meal or a long table of buffet food. This is the norm in most events and getting the catering right plays a big part in holding a fun get together.

How can you go beyond that norm? Food preparation and presentation is becoming more and more creative in both taste and looks in order to entice a client and their guests. There are many catering companies, but find one that is going to go further in the way they present their meals.

Buffets, canapés, hot meals or snacks can all be presented in a different way to piling food on a table or on trays being passed around. The aim is to make the experience something that the guests have to take part in. For example, having unique food stalls scattered in different parts of the venue that each emphasises a particular food or country of origin. Each stall’s decor matching the food being presented. This way guests need to move around the venue to sample the food on offer creating movement, excitement and a lot more socialising between all the guests. After all, an event is there for the guests to socialise and start conversations with people they would not normally bump into. The food and presentation being the starter for any conversation.

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Surprises are what the guests want. Introduce a course when they least expect it like a late night snack during a wedding reception that’s already a few hours into the dancing after the main meal has been cleared. Everyone gets the ‘munchies’ and a few small snacks go down a treat especially, when drinks and good times are flowing. Mini Fish & Chips in paper cones, Greek Meze, Italian antipasto, Hog Roast in Baps, Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Rolls, and Summer Berry Fruit Kebabs are just a few items that can be served during these out of hour’s time at a party.

The idea is to eliminate boredom at an event and create excitement with catering, keeping guests entertained at all times and having an endless presentation of food and drinks from start to end of the event. Food is the one thing that brings people together and apart from the weather, is a conversation starter and that’s what you want especially if it’s a business networking or team building event. This applies to almost any event. Weddings are one place that two extended families meet for the first time, and creating an atmosphere through amazing catering will create memories and relations for years to come.

Good luck in being creative for your next event. If you want to leave it to the experts than Heriot Catering in Harrow has the solution and the services that is guaranteed to create a memorable event for you and your guests.

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