Food Safety in Event Catering

Event catering

As a party planner, one of the biggest aspects of choosing a good event catering company is to look at their record of food hygiene. The way they prepare, store and transport the food and produce to a venue.

Guests are not completely safeguarded from experiencing food poisoning after attending an event. It may seem that it hardly happens, but you would be surprise in how easy it is for food to go bad due to insufficient care by the event catering companies.

Most event catering companies and other food establishments abide by a guideline that is monitored by city’s health department and inspections are usually carried out at least every 6 months to make sure that kitchens, refrigerators and other ways of storing and preparing their dishes are safe for consumption.

It’s not only the food that they look at but also about how seriously the employees within the establishment are about hygiene. For example, how often they wash their hands, wear hair nets and use hand gloves where necessary.

Once you have selected the venue and the type of event catering company you wish to hire, here are a few questions that you could ask:-

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Once the food is brought to the venue, where will you store it?

Food that is required to be kept below room temperature should be kept in refrigerators below 5 degrees Celsius which is 41 degrees Fahrenheit, and food to be kept warm or heated up later should be placed on warming units to maintain a temperature of minimum 65 degrees Celsius or 149 degrees Fahrenheit. Professional event catering companies should know this.

How will you be transporting the food?

Again, look into how the caterers transport food from their kitchens to the venue especially, if the venue is a long distance away. The last thing you want is the event catering company preparing delicious food, but haven’t thought of how to keep it tasting delicious and fresh by the time it’s served to your guests.

What is their record with the department of health and safety?

If an event catering company feels insulted, avoids or makes excuses in showing you written proof of the way they handle their food then it may not be the right catering company to hire for your event.

Rest assured that food businesses want to stay in business and having episodes of food poisoning amongst their customers is more than likely to give them a bad reputation which in turn will have an establishment closed down and out of business altogether.

Therefore, most reputable event catering companies such as Heriot Caterers, take this issue very seriously and have plans and procedures in place to uphold the utmost in health, safety and cleanliness of their surroundings when it comes to every aspect of food preparation, transportation and storing.

Whether you are a professional event planner or a host that holds the occasional party, it is your right and in your interest to take every effort in making sure that the food served to your guests is as fresh as it should be by hiring the right event catering company.

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3 thoughts on “Food Safety in Event Catering

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  2. Of course the most important thing when choosing a event catering company is their food hygene. Nobody would want to go to an event and suffer a severe food poisoning. I belive that a little bit of investigation is one of the things that every party planner should do.

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