5 Reasons for Arranging a Food Tasting Session with your Caterers

Food tasting for events

Organising a party or event can be a stressful task. There are many aspects that you have to take into consideration and one of them without a doubt, is the food served to your guests.

Finding a good catering company can happen through word of mouth or viewing their credentials on the internet. However, the only way that you will really know how good a dish is, hence the caterers, is by arranging to have a tasting session with a few potential catering companies that you have narrowed your search down to.

Here are 5 reasons why it is important to arrange for a food tasting

1) It’s always best to know what it is that you want to serve at your party and an easy way to do this is to have a theme. For example, do you wish to serve cultural foods, barbecued food, canapes, hot buffet, sandwiches and so forth. This way, you will be able to search a catering company that specialises in your choice of menu.

2) Once you have done your research, ask the catering company for their menu and packages from which you can pick and select what dishes you would like to have at your event. Usually a catering company will offer you a tasting session by either visiting them just before an event similar to yours or holding a paid-for private tasting session.

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3) Most catering companies will be more than happy to accommodate this, however, bear in mind that the paid-for private tasting session will mean that the catering company will cook a small amount just for you and the taste could greatly differ when the same dish is cooked for a larger gathering. Therefore, in our opinion, it’s vital you arrange a food sampling session at an event that the caterers are working at.

4) Sampling dishes before committing to a set menu will take away a lot of tension during the planning process of an event. When attending an event for the food tasting, you not only get to taste the food, but also get an inside glance on how the catering company operates.

5) Tasting the food beforehand is also a great opportunity to get feedback from your friends and family. If you are the event planner, then the right people to take would be your clients.

Food is one thing that everyone will comment on and should be central to the overall entertainment, more than a venue or the live entertainers and so, getting this right will give you that confidence to know that your event is already on track to a successful occasion.

We, at Heriot Caterers in Harrow, not only cater for events and parties in London but also the surrounding counties. We encourage that anyone wanting to sample our menu are more than welcome to visit a function half an hour before the guests arrive, to try a little food tasting prepared for a large gathering.

If you want to experience the expected quality and taste of what a good caterer will produce for you on your big day, it is imperative for you to try what they have prepared and cooked for similar numbers of guests to yours. We also offer free food tasting in our office, only for the functions that we are preparing on the day, or the day before, which gives you, the client, an opportunity to try something that we have prepared and cooked for say 100 people. The options above are good opportunities to do this, and do it for free!

We could however if required, get the chefs in, to make a dedicated menu for you to taste in our office for just one or two, which is chargeable.

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