What’s All The Fuss About Wedding Cakes?

wedding cakes - traditional or modern

Weddings are a special moment in everyone’s life for usually, we plan to walk down the aisle only once, so everything rides on making that day as special and momentous as possible.

Arranging everything from the dress to the invites needs to have a continuous flow and theme to bind the occasion as one. Out of all these items, choosing traditional wedding cakes requires creativity and shows off the couple’s personal touch that little bit more, since speeches and toasts usually occur around the cake after the meal.

Therefore, choosing the most beautiful and delicious wedding cake will be top of the list for most wedding parties. The problem is, there are many beautiful and delicious traditional wedding cakes out there, so how do you choose the perfect one for your wedding?

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A couple planning their wedding day are spoilt for choice and the more choosing there is the more confused you can get. With all the other stresses of planning a wedding, one thing professional wedding planners will leave to you is to choose the style and taste of your wedding cake. They will no doubt help in selecting a few, but the final decision can only be decided by the couple.

The best way to select a wedding cake is to look at the style and colours used for your wedding. This way, you will know whether to have a more traditional, rounded tier cake to the more modern or fun type of look to your cake.

Also, look at your venue. Is it in a church, hotel, manor house? Therefore, a white icing, multiple tier cake to match the high ceilings may look good, then you can always have it decorated with flower petals in the colour of the bridesmaids dresses. If on the other hand it is a garden wedding, then definitely having a more summery, full of colourful flower petal design would fit the occasion beautifully.

The aim here, is to bring out your personality in your cake and that of the theme of your wedding day. Be creative, there is no such thing as doing things according to a book or how tradition should have it. You can always tweak traditional weddings to incorporate a personal touch that is all your own.

The norm is that traditional wedding cakes are a minimum of three tiers and can come in round, square, hexagonal or topsy turvy shapes. However, if you plan to have an eggless cake then you will have to have it supported if you want more than one tier. Eggless cakes are very delicious and opting for a fresh fruit and cream decoration goes down a treat.

If on the other hand you are really not sure of what to go for then Heriot Caterers in Harrow, not only do fabulous Wedding menus but also specialise in modern and traditional wedding cakes. Have a chat with them and they will handle everything for you from starters to desserts including the champagne during toasting!!

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