A Drink or Two to Go With the Jolly Season

How to Pick a Good Wine for a Special Event

During the Christmas season, drinks mostly wines, beers and spirits will be consumed in excess than any other time of the year. The reason for this mainly, is that most people are on a break from their usual grind of daily life and tend to indulge in such beverages when friends and families come together.

Along with the occasional social drink, there are a number of wines that are consumed with certain meals served during Christmas. Here are a few wines that compliment such dishes to note down in your shopping list when hosting a party.

Wines for aperitifs and starters 

Vina Carrasco Sauvignon Blanc – A reasonably priced, versatile fruity wine that goes well with canapés and aperitifs like nachos and guacamole. So if it’s a small group of friends get-together or a more sophisticated one, you won’t go wrong with this wine.

Alfredini Garganega Pinot Grigio  – This wine has an almond and peach flavour to the palate which makes it a fun and refreshing glass, ideal with appetisers.


Most Chardonnays go well with turkey. Why not try the Australian Five Foot Track as its a great favourite with Christmas lunches. Or the Pavillon Trois Arches from France which compliments turkey really well.

Champagne Canard-Duchene Brut – A well rounded bubbly of exotic fruit that accompanies seafood well. Anything from a salmon terrine to oysters this champagne leaves a crisp, lingering taste in the mouth.

Picpoul de Pinet – enjoyed with fish, pork and poultry. A perfectly balanced white wine originating from the Languedoc region in France.  A dry wine, yet has a creamy texture with flavours of citrus fruits and apples.

San Milan Rioja Reserva – As this red wine is a great accompaniment with duck and lamb dishes, it has a rich colour yet soft textured with hints of spice. The flavours are almost leathery with a well balance of fruit and caramel.

Aires Andinos Malbec – An Argentinian red wine with hints of spice over blackberry fruit, giving a taste that is deliciously smooth and warming. Perfect with grilled meat and vegetables.

Desserts and cheeses

Prosecco Rabosa Rosé – This full bodied, versatile sparkler would go well with chocolate based desserts. It has a velvety texture with hints of rose petals, yet has a refreshing flavour of berry fruit.

Tavino Trebbiano – Finish of your meal with a selection of cheeses and this medium bodied, red wine. With hints of melon, citrus and apple, it seems the ideal partner with strong flavoured cheeses to clean your palate for the evening.

The above drinks are not only for Christmas, at Heriot Caterers, we extend our knowledge of fabulous drinks and food to any event or party any time of year.

However, since it is approaching Christmas, have Merry Christmas and please do overindulge in great food and perfect company!

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