How To Really Celebrate A 30th, 40th or even 50th Birthday With The Perfect Birthday Party Catering

Birthday party caterers

When it comes to celebrating a birthday, nothing quite requires the planning you would incorporate than that of reaching a milestone age. We all want to acknowledge these years as being a memorable one and if it’s not you planning it yourself, then you might get a surprise when a loved one creates that special occasion for you.

Birthday party catering is a tough one, as you’re bringing together relatives and friends of various backgrounds, cultures and ages. Nothing is more important than acquiring the right catering company to provide the perfect spread for your party.

Therefore, when it comes to service, professionalism and class, no one comes close in comparison with the well-known, Heriot Caterers of Harrow. They are the perfect choice for a birthday party catering whether the party is held in London or the neighbouring counties. They are willing to travel the distance just so that you can experience their expertise.

Heriot Caterers have been in the catering business for over 170 years, so they know a thing or two about birthday party catering and how to entertain your guests.

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As a starter to their menus, below is a spread a client chose for his wife’s recent, surprise 40th birthday party, catered by Heriot Caterers.


Falafel Balls and cream cheese

Mini Oats with goats cheese and sun blush tomatoes

Rosemary Toast with creme fraiche, caviare and Italian parsley

Blinis topped with smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers

Square Toast layered with prawns, egg and tarragon

Croustade with brunoise vegetables


Fish – Cones of Mini Fish and Chips with Tartare Sauce.

Meat – Moroccan Lamb Tagine, Roasted Aubergines, Almond Couscous.

Meat – Thai Green Chicken Curry

Vegetarian – Jasmine Rice, Stir fried Vegetables with Teriyaki

Vegetarian – Cashew Nut Paella

Vegetarian – Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables, Tagliatelli, Balsamic Glaze.


Truffe Chocolat with Raspberries

You will notice from the list above, that the client wanted to bring together cultural foods as a way of pleasing each guests’ palate, but also to tantalise them with different international foods, rather then sticking to a particular type of cuisine.

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This particular bespoke birthday party catering was a success from start to finish. The service Heriot Caterers provided with their quiet and subtle presence was something that not many catering companies can get right. The food was eye catching and presented beautifully.

The mains were passed around in perfectly sized bowls holding the right amount as a small meal in itself. The guests were spoilt for choice with various cultural foods on offer and were able to continue socialising and talking without interruption or finding their way to a buffet table.

This type of birthday party catering was something different and a great success with all the guests. Fish and Chips were wrapped in mini paper cones for a fun and clean eating experience. The dessert was also brought out in bowls, served by their most attentive and professional waiters and the amount and taste of each bowlful of food was exquisite.

Heriot Caterers really do go that extra mile and if you pick them as your birthday party catering providers, then be ready to receive endless phone calls from guests, praising their food, service and professionalism.

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