Outdoor Barbecue Catering Ideas For Events

Outdoor barbecue bbq catering events

With the weather improving and the summer months approaching, engaged couples will be looking at hosting their wedding in venues that have lovely gardens or even thinking of having an outdoor event.

When it comes to indoor events, it seems to make people more anxious when organising an event confined within four walls. This could be due to the fact that we are not used to warm, sunny days throughout the year and so outdoor parties are less and more of a novelty. Also, we have a lot more space and the elements to work with which can be a lot more daunting.

However, there are professional companies out there that can take on such a task so that all you have to do is attend your party.

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When it comes to the food, then again, we feel that most caterers would not be able to handle serving the food away from a kitchen. However, you may be surprised! For example, Heriot Caterers of Harrow are known for providing the best barbecue catering along with traditional sit down menus to finger food cocktails.

Now here’s something to entice your taste buds – Why not give them a call and try out one of their following barbecue menus for your next event even if you are hosting a wedding or a reception.

Menu 1The Texan Binge Barbecue – This is a great menu for the hamburger lovers. Ideal for any occasion and a true barbecue feel from Pork and Leek Sausages to Mixed Bean Salsa. Along with a variety of tasty side dishes to make it a meal your guests won’t forget.

Menu 2The Queensland Tucker Barbecue – A wonderful combination menu of Peppered Lamb Kebabs and Caramelised Spare Ribs, perfectly balanced with a choice of scrumptious salads and vegetable dishes.

Menu 3The Heriot Hog-out Barbecue – Just as it sounds, this barbecue pulls out all the stops to enjoying the perfect selection of outdoor food.

Menu 4Eastern Extravaganza – Why not try something more exotic than your usual hamburgers and sausages. This menu will really take your guests by surprise on what they thought barbecue food should be. Teriyaki infused steak and Pitta Bread being just one choice on the menu.

Along with the four main barbecue menus mentioned above, Heriot Caterers have a larger selection of all types of menus from international, cultural dishes to the more traditional for you to create the menu that best suits you, the wedding couple or an event organiser.

A catering service that really goes that extra mile to please and cater for every taste and style, Heriot caterers are based in Harrow, Middlesex but will travel to neighbouring counties and any location in Central London as well.

Their vans are temperature controlled so that your meal is as fresh as the moment its prepared, and their professional and friendly staff will make sure that your barbecue dish is placed before you as it would straight from the kitchen.

So why not try something different when arranging your next get-together.

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