How Not To Compromise On Food When Hosting A Wedding On A Budget

Budget wedding catering

We all keep track of costings when hosting any personal event, so we end up cutting down on the guest list or the entertainment. However, you don’t have to compromise on catering as there are many ways to work around offering your party the best of their culinary experience. Below are a few ideas on how to serve food that’s both intimate and creative.

Outdoor meals

One of the best parties are those in the open sunshine, the food and drinks along with banter seem to flow seamlessly. Why not hold a barbecue or if there are an intimate number of guests, then serving potluck. Potluck is when guests are asked to bring a dish to be enjoyed as a picnic or buffet served on an a table. These placed outdoors may be just the perfect way of entertainment and affordability.

Sit down, family style meals

You could do a potluck here as well or cook your own dishes and have guests sit on one long table. Having your guests share dishes by passing them around will enhance communication and a fantastic social experience all round creating a feel good, one big  happy family setting.

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Serving cocktail meals is a good way of cutting costs but not cutting down on the quality of dishes and produce. Usually, an average sit down meal will cost a host around £30 per head, if not more. So, holding a cocktail reception with canapes and bowl foods which guests help themselves will also eliminate wastage of food on individual plates.

Mid morning treats

Brunches are a great way of serving hot croissants and continental type breakfasts with fruit or sausages and bacon. Everyone loves a good fry up so a buffet style brunch like you’ve just come down from your hotel room, will be a wonderful way of holding a reception for morning weddings.

Ways of limiting the booze costs 

You don’t have to feel like offering free drinks is going to take up a chunk of your budget. If making your guests pay is not something you are comfortable with which is understandable, then serve signature cocktails. This way, drinks can be served on trays and a choice of wines, champagne or cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, will go down a treat for your guests. Usually, mixed drinks are drunk quickly compared with wines and buying in bulk boxes will be much cheaper.

The down side is that you will have to do the leg work in purchasing the drinks and the choice, but overall this will be a lot mind calming than keeping an open bar with a variety of beverages on offer.

Planning a family event, wedding party or corporate event? Heriot Caterers have just the right formula for a cost effective experience that will take your mind of organising any catering yourself.

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