A Christening Party Food And Drink Affair

Christening Party Food

A Christening is a cause for celebration as you welcome your new baby into the world. Whether you follow a particular religion or not, a Christening or naming ceremony is a special event where your new baby gets to meet family and friends perhaps for the first time.

As with any celebration, food and drink play an important role and this article shares a few ideas for making it a success.

Make it a family affair

The ceremony is all about family, and so should be the food preparation. Enlist members of the family to help prepare the food. If they live close by then they can each bring a dish to go towards feeding the guests. Also, forward planning and pre-cooking will ensure you have time to enjoy the party and mingle with guests instead of slaving away in the kitchen. In fact, if you want to avoid cooking at all, why not try some of Heriot’s set menus or create a bespoke one yourself.

Food as a celebration

Forget piling the tables high with food and straining your budget. Providing a variety of dishes could prove a more popular idea. Depending on the amount of space available and the number of people invited there are couple of options for serving food and drink:

Pimms event offer

Finger Buffet / Fork Food

This is a very informal setting which allows you to mingle with all your guests and allows you the opportunity to walk around, show off your baby and get lots of photographs. The food prepared for a finger buffet is quick and easy, most available to buy as platters or pre-cooked. Your menu could include sliced fruit, slices of pie, cakes, and sandwiches. Heriot Caterers offers a variety of finger buffet and fork food that is suitable for this type of event. Take a look at some of the menus.

Afternoon Tea

Another option is to hold a tea party themed afternoon. Ideal if your naming ceremony is in summer and you have the garden space or outside facility available. You can go all out with the afternoon tea theme, using vintage crockery and tiered cake stands to make it fun and exciting. Food options could include small cakes, scones, cream teas and cucumber sandwiches. Again the food is easy to prepare in advance and can be laid out on a long table.

Drinks and more…

Always make sure you serve refreshments to your guests, with reception drinks which could be a glass of wine or champagne or a cocktail. At Heriot, we have a fantastic cellar stocked up with some of the best red and white wines.

Keep drinks flowing throughout and ensure you cater for those not drinking alcohol by providing fruit juices and water. Your drinks menu should complement the food you are serving and remember to include the children. Sparkling wine or champagne will make a nice toasting drink too.

Christenings are a great event which brings the family together in celebration. Great food and drink will make the event memorable and there are several options to choose from as this article has shown.

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