8 Wedding Food Ideas On A Budget

Wedding food ideas on a budget

If you are planning a wedding, we know you will be looking to keep the costs down to a minimum. Weddings can be an expensive event with all the flowers, dresses and suits, drinks and decorations.

One area you definitely want to get right is the food, no one wants their guests to remember their wedding as “the one with the bad wedding breakfast”. So, research well when looking for wedding food ideas.

On average, the cost of a wedding breakfast comes in a whopping £35 per person. This can take a sizeable bite out of your wedding budget. So what are some great wedding food ideas to save the pounds but still ensure your guests get the best food on offer?

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  1. Create your own nibbles – appetizers are a great way to start the proceedings. It may seem daunting but it can actually be very easy to prepare your little nibbles in advance and freeze them before warming them up on the day.
  2. Make it simple – try offering something timelessly simple as a starter, like a good cheese selection with biscuits and fruit. Your guests will enjoy it and if you offer it in a buffet style it can keep the costs down to a minimum.
  3. First Drinks – this may sound cheap but offering your guests the first drink at the bar is fairly common practice nowadays. Many couples cut costs and have buy your own drinks after this.
  4. Bring Your Own – if you want to keep the cost of dinner down even further, check to see if your venue will allow for BYOB – (bring your own bottles) this can be really cost saving if the wine on the tables is your own. Many venues charge inflated prices for the bottles they supply.
  5. Cut out the sit down dinner – if you think you want to try something different, why not have a buffet style dinner and go straight for the party instead. Who’s to say you can’t do the speeches and toasts on your feet rather than the formal style wedding breakfast.
  6. Choose an outsourced caterer – if you can book a wedding venue that allows for outside caterers you can source the best value for your budget, just remember to do a tasting session first! As far as wedding food ideas go, this is the most important.
  7. It’s a family affair – weddings have always been about family celebration. If you are lucky enough to have willing family members, it can be a huge saving to get them to provide the food. This works especially well if the wedding reception is held in the family home or a public venue.
  8. Make the cake your dessert – save on the pudding and serve up your beautiful wedding cake as dessert. If it is a chocolate or vanilla sponge this works best, have a few jugs of cream on the tables ( it will need to be eaten as it won’t last long anyway).

Remember your wedding is all about what you want to celebrate. There are no fixed rules and you can go with whatever theme you like. The above wedding food ideas will definitely help you, but most importantly, make it fun and people will love it because you put the effort into it.

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